Sports March 23, 2015 | 11:11 am

Falcondo kicks off Sports Cup with 800 athletes

Bonao, Dominican Republic.- With 800 athletes competing, Falcondo on Saturday launched its 2nd annual Sports Cup, in Bonao’s Nickel Workers Sports and Social Club..

The competition slated from March 21 to April 12 brings together 14 communities in Monseñor Noel and La Vega provinces, featuring male and female athletes in baseball, softball and basketball teams from the towns of Caribe, El Verde, Jayaco, Peñaló, Sabana del Puerto, Miranda, among others

Mining company Falconbridge CEO David Soares urged athletes and managers in charge of the event to uphold sportsmanship, respect for others and humility both in victory or defeat. “You must be aware that you play a leading role in a unique and unrepeatable time in history.”

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