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Strong winds power Cabarete Big Air Competition

Cabarete, Dominican Republic.- The Cabarete Big Air Competition took place on Bozo Beach, July 11-14, with strong winds, and the best kiteboarders from around the country on their way, the contest was set for greatness.

The first day of competition started with the single eliminations, many heats we’re put on in order to narrow the competitors to the top 4. The single eliminations were done by mid-afternoon, with multiple heats for most competitors, our overnight recoup time was much needed.

By the second day of competition the double elimination was set to start with stacked heats, some of the best kiters were fighting to climb back up the circuit ladder to get their chance in the finals with yesterday’s winners.

The wind was strong and most were on smaller kites than used to. With big-air and the most progressive freestyle tricks being displayed on the beach there soon was a crowd to watch the athletes show off their skills. The competition’s double eliminations, and grand finals were about to come to an end when a rain cloud shut off the wind, and stopped the competition for the day.

Although scheduled to end that afternoon, the competition directors made the decision to run the event on, and into the next day in order to finish the heats that were cut off the previous afternoon. The wind was ideal for the last day of competition, the last of the doubles and the final heats pushed the limits of all the riders, showing the best of their capabilities and wow-ing the fellow sportsmen who admired from the beach. That night the Big Air Competition champions were crowned at Kahuna Bar.

Results: Men’s Freestyle: 1st- Luis Alberto Cruz, 2nd- Alex Soto Women’s Freestyle: 1st- Katie Bowcutt, 2nd- Lou Marin Junior Freestyle: 1st- Micael Morales Sanchez 2nd- Lorenzo Calcaño Open Big Air:

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