Sports April 18, 2016 | 12:40 pm

Dominican girl volleyball player can play in men’s team: US Judge

Judge rules for Dominicanvolleyball player to play in men’s team

New York .- Dominican-born judge JuliaRodriguez on Monday ruled for a Dominican volleyball player to play in themen’s team, as Education Dept. officials had barred her from doing so, and willnow compete with male players, a controversy that unleashed an uproar in thecity.

Anyela Aquino, 17, can play inthe men’s team as soon as tomorrow Tuesday, according to the judge’s ruling.

Rodriguez’s temporary restrainingorder bans the citywide school sports program (PSAL) from removing Aquino’s namefrom the roster of the men’s team at Taft Educational Campus.

"I feel very happy, I can’twait," Aquino told local media, after learning of the court ruling.

Aquino led her school women’steam to a city championship in the fall of 2015, and wants to keep their skillscompeting against men in the spring season, which already began.

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