Sports April 16, 2018 | 12:41 pm

Taekwondo academy graduates 5 new black belts

Assistance to the master Jose ...Cristian Peña Núñez, Alejandro Cortes, Máximo Concepcion, Luis Arambilet Mejia, Diccia Pineda, Carlos Bogaert (front).

Santo Domingo.- The Caribbean Health Taekwondo Academy recently promoted five students to black belt, as the result of years of intensive training, effort, strict discipline and fierce competition.

Master Max Concepcion, black belt 7th dan National and 6th dan Kukkiwon, led the activity held in the academy located in Bella Vista, D.N.

The graduates Cristian Peña Núñez, Alejandro Cortes, Luis Arambilet Mejia, Diccia Pineda, and Carlos Bogaert completed the requirements on precision in form, skill in combat and grueling board-breaking to achieve taekwondo’s highest category.

Submitted by Diccia Pineda.

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