Health July 13, 2020 | 3:32 pm

58 Major League Baseball players test positive for coronavirus

New York, USA

At least 58 professional baseball players tested positive for the coronavirus during the final round of the admission selection process, according to information released tonight by the Major Leagues and the players’ union.

The figure represents a rate of 1.8 percent of the total personnel who have been authorized to work on resuming competition within the Major Leagues.

The majors are nearing the opening day of what will be their regular season, which has been reduced to just 60 games and is scheduled for July 23.

The report indicates that 27 of the 30 teams had at least one person with a positive result.

When Major League Baseball released preliminary admission test results last week, they said that of 3,185 samples, 38 players (1.2 percent) had tested positive.

The majors indicated that players will now be evaluated every other day.

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