Sports July 24, 2020 | 9:46 am

A record 93 Dominican players as baseball season opens

Santo Domingo.- 100 was not achieved as projected, but the Dominican representation on the opening day of Major League Baseball 2020 has set another record: the minimum and with rosters expanded to 30.

Except for the Chicago Cubs, the rest of the 28 teams included at least one Dominican. The total reaches 93 in active academies, one more than the established in 2019 and 24 more than in 2018 when 70 started.

The last minute casualties of Juan Soto, affected by COVID-19, the dismissal of Melky Cabrera in the Mets and the cut of Socrates Brito in the Pirates were combined with other decisions by team executives to prevent the first time exceed the 100 milestone.

215 Dominicans arrived at the training camps this summer, 56 of them included in the rosters of 60 players.

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