Sports May 17, 2023 | 8:12 am

AHRB will hold the X golf tournament in honor of Rolando González-Bunster

Romana.- The Romana – Bayahíbe Hotel Association (AHRB) has recently announced the upcoming X edition of the La Romana golf tournament. This prestigious event is dedicated to honoring the esteemed businessman Rolando González Bunster, the president and CEO of InterEnergy Group, the parent company of CEPM.

Scheduled for Saturday, June 3, the tournament will be held at The Links in Casa de Campo, a renowned golf course in the Caribbean. Prominent figures and businessmen from the local tourism sector will participate in the competition, playing in pairs under the Best Ball format.

Andrés Fernández, the president of AHRB, expressed the significance of this milestone edition, stating, “This tenth tournament holds a special meaning for us. We are privileged to dedicate it to Mr. Rolando González Bunster, a prominent figure in the Dominican tourism sector and a vital ally to our association. With over 30 years of unwavering dedication and leadership in the eastern part of the country, he has played a fundamental role in the growth and success of the La Romana destination. Through his relentless commitment to sustainable development and the promotion of clean energy, he has taken pioneering steps to establish La Romana as a global reference for zero-emission tourism. Thanks to the CEPM Zero decarbonization project, the region generates 100% renewable energy.”

Meanwhile, Ana García-Sotoca, the executive director of AHRB, emphasized the pivotal role golf has played in the development and prosperity of La Romana as a tourist destination. She remarked, “The Dominican Republic’s beautiful region of La Romana boasts breathtaking landscapes and favorable weather conditions, making it an ideal place for golf enthusiasts. The tournament, which has become an emblematic event, is much more than a mere sports competition.”

Furthermore, she added, “It is an opportunity to pay homage to the greatness of La Romana as a world-class tourist destination. Talented golfers from across the country are drawn to this region, where they can enjoy one of the finest golf courses in the area.”

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