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Dominican Mountaineer Thais Herrera conquers Vinson Massif, eyes Everest next

Thais Herrera, a renowned Dominican mountaineer and adventurer, has successfully climbed Vinson Massif, Antarctica’s highest peak. This remarkable feat, which saw her ascend 4,892 meters above sea level, marks her as the first Dominican to achieve this and completes her fifth of the seven highest peaks on each continent.

The climb was emotionally significant for Herrera, coinciding with her birthday and allowing her the unique opportunity to celebrate at the summit with the Dominican flag in hand. The expedition faced extreme conditions, with temperatures plummeting to about -37C and wind chill making it feel like -45C.

Herrera and her team, including famous mountaineer Garrett Madison and speed record holder Viridiana Alvarez, flew into the base camp at 2,137 meters on a modified DHC-6 plane. After an arduous journey and a wait for favorable weather, they reached the summit, only to be stranded for two days due to bad weather.

This achievement comes just 12 days after Herrera skied 111km to the South Pole, a first for any Dominican. She is on a mission titled “A Dominican finding herself at the top,” aiming to climb the highest mountains on each continent and ski to both Poles. Only 74 people globally have completed this challenge, including just 15 women.

Herrera’s next formidable challenge is climbing Mount Everest in April, the world’s highest peak, standing at about 8,848 meters. Preparing for Everest involves securing funds and undergoing intense training post her active recovery period.

Thais Herrera is not only an accomplished mountaineer but also a mother, entrepreneur, speaker, and an Industrial Engineer with a Master’s in Senior Management and Finance. She runs Asertiva RD, a company specializing in outdoor training, and teaches at Barna Management School. A triathlete, Ironman finisher, and creator of the Pico Duarte Express sporting event, Herrera actively engages in philanthropy, contributing to social projects through various foundations.

For more on her journey and experiences, Herrera can be followed on her social networks @thaisherrera and @asertivard, or through her YouTube channel.

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