Tourism January 15, 2015 | 9:51 am

The humpbacks are back

Santo Domingo.- January 15 each year marks the start of Whale Watching Season in Dominican Republic’s Samana Peninsula and Marine Mammal Sanctuary, expected to host 60,000 visitors this year.

The season which lasts until March 30 is a veritable natural spectacle staged by the ocean giants, which can weigh as much as 36 tons, but despite their size, treat visitors to an exhibition of breaches, head banging and dives.

Humpback males utter long and complex songs through their nasal cavities, and according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), herds sing the same song, and even change the song, with its members singing the new tune.

The same song can be heard, according to research, over 5,000 kilometers.

Although Samana Peninsula features the main observation points, the Sanctuary encompasses with La Plata and Navidad banks, in the Atlantic.

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