Tourism January 26, 2015 | 11:37 am

Central Bank highlights 10-million tourists goal is reachable

Santo Domingo.– The goal of 10 million tourists in 10 years in the Dominican Republic is possible to achieve if supported by the right public policies, the Central Bank said.

According to the book "Analysis of the International Situation," published by the Central Bank, the country was able to more than double the number of tourists over ten years.

The arrival of tourists in 2014 (foreigners and non-resident Dominicans) reached the record figureof 5,140,650 passengers, meaning 450,880 or 9.6% more visitors than 2013, whichmeans the year that just enden was a truly extraordinary year for tourism. The sector contributed US$5,600 million in foreign currency (10.6% growth).

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