Tourism March 16, 2015 | 1:11 pm

Business leader says Medina’s speech launched the Southwest

Barahona, Dominican Republic.- Barahona Tourism Cluster vice president Polibio Schiffino on Monday hailed president Danilo Medina’s announcement to develop the south region’s tourism, in his state of the nation speech in the National Assembly.

"We welcome the president’s interest in the Southwest, which together with national and international private investment undoubtedly creates a surge of this unique enclave with unsurpassed biodiversity and whose momentum will have a great social impact," the business leader said.

Interviewed on the TV program Resumen Turismo, Schiffino said several organizations and key groups promote tourism development in the region with Hispaniola’s greatest biodiversity, taking advantage of its sustainable resources.

For the hotelier, Medina’s pledge that "2015 is the South’s time" shows a comprehensive view on tourism.

Among the Barahona region’s key tourist attractions, he listed the traditional sun and beach, but also adventure, sports and ecotourism as well as real estate.

Schiffino, of the Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge added that investment must be encourage and coastal and internal roads linking the mountainous areas must be improved, to shorten travel time and safety for local and foreign visitors.

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