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The hidden treasures of a quiet southern city: Listin

Bani, Dominican Republic.- Dominican Republic is best known for beautiful beaches, perennial sun and the Colonial City. But from coast to coast, the island is home to vastly diverse ecosystems.

A good example is southern Peravia province, whose county seat of Bani has impressive riches in beaches, mountains, marshlands and dunes.

An entire weekend might not be enough to get to know all tourist attractions in ‘the land of the mango.’ reports on a tour starting with Puerto Hermoso, Bahia de Las Calderas, “where a smiling fisherman waits with his blue boat to take you to enjoy a trip where only the green mangroves come between the blue sky and sea.”

“Once inside the bay, from the beach at Los Corbanitos people practicing ‘windsurfing’ or diving can be seen in the distance, while a flock of flamingos surround the boat,” the outlet reports, noting that the fisherman describes the estuary formed by mangroves that protect fry from predators in the bay.

The coast also boasts a population of iguanas, nesting birds and yet another secluded beach. “At the next stop it’s impossible to resist a dip in Punta Caballera beach, where parasailing and deep sea fishing is practiced, but watch out for sea urchins!”

“With the sunset in tow, the boat docks at Calderas bay. There, with the coolness of the beach, and even feeling the waves rocking the small boat, you get to the last stop: Las Dunas,” the report notes. “From the green guardhouse located at the entrance, the top of Las Calderas dunes can be observed and, going forward, just to the right flies the tricolor Dominican flag.”

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