Tourism August 12, 2015 | 3:59 pm

Dominican official slams the door on bauxite mine as tourism waits

Santo Domingo.- Energyand Mines Minister Antonio Isa Conde on Wednesdaydefended Government´s strategy to develop Pedernales (southwest), replacing bauxitemining with a comprehensive economic and social plan which protects theenvironment, in an area with the mosteco-tourism attractions.

He said the project willstart in the coming months with actions to remediate the environment andconstruction of infrastructure requiring a massive number of workers with morethan mining had provided thus far."We´re committed to sustainableemployment."

He said it’s morerational a brief, short-term sacrifice to maintain an activity that entailsserious environmental consequences in the medium and long term for the qualityof life of present and future generations.

"This decisionis above individual interests and focuses on the interests of the country and apopulation that must keep living beyond when bauxite is exhausted," IsaConde said on Panorama, Fidelity radio.

When asked why the minerDovemco wasn’t allowed to extract bauxite during the next 18 months, theofficial said the government’s plan has a timetable that should not vary for"individual interests."

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