Tourism September 2, 2015 | 8:20 am

Dominican Rep. eyes Canada´s US$350M medical tourism market

Montreal.- Tourism Ministryon Tuesday said Dominican Republic has a new markets in medical care patientsfrom Canada, which hosted the " Canadian Medical Tourism DestinationHealth Trade Show."

Health tourism directorWendy Sanchez made the statement at the event were potential patients and seniorsobtain information prior to coming to the country for dental implants and otherprocedures.

"Normally theCanadian adult population takes three months of winter to go on holiday toanother country and take advantage to get treatment, so the better we positionourselves as a destination for health, more will come to spend their vacationhere," the official said.

The official addedthat since 2009 Canadians spend more than US$350 million in surgery and othermedical treatments abroad annually.

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