Tourism September 30, 2015 | 4:47 pm

French carriers add five flights to Dominican Republic

Paris.- Tourism minister Francisco Javier Garcia on Wednesdayannounced five new flights from two French airlines will fly to the DominicanRepublic in the next few months.

Garcia said theairline XL Air Ways, which currently flies three times a week to the country, willadd three more to Punta Cana (east).

Meanwhile AirCaribbean, one of the carriers which flies the most tourists to the country,will add two flights, one to La Romana and the other to Samana.

He said another touroperator increased sales of its seats to the Dominican Republic by 50 percent. HoweverParis France. Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier Garcia announced that fivenew flights of two French airlines reach the Dominican Republic in the comingmonths.

Garcia reported thatthe airline XL Air Ways, which currently makes three flights a week to thecountry, increased by one hundred percent frequency, with three new trips toPunta Cana.

While the airline AirCaribbean, which is one of the most carries tourists to the country, will addtwo flights, one to La Romana and other Samana.

Meanwhile, anothertour operator increased by 50 per cent sales from their seats to the DominicanRepublic. Garcia didn’t provide the name of the tour operator.

"It´s that facedwith the situation of violence and insecurity occurring in some destinationsthat are competing such as Africa, gives comparative and competitive advantagesto the Dominican Republic," the official said in the second day of his participationas Dominican Republic´s representative in France’s Top -Resa 2015 tourism event.

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