Tourism January 11, 2016 | 9:17 am

Air Europa announces Santo Domingo-NY flight: EFE

Santo Domingo.- Spanishmogul Juan Jose Hidalgo on Sunday announced the expansion of the airline AirEuropa in Dominican Republic and a new Santo Domingo-New York route starting thisyear, EFE reports.

Interviewed on Telefuturo,Hidalgo said Air Europa is growing and will bring modern planes to theCaribbean country, the outlet said in a statement.

In December the also presidentof the Globalia Group said some tests had been conducted and announced the new carrier´s start of operations this year, addingthat some 80 Dominican cabin attendants have already contracted.

Among the GlobaliaGroup´s major investments in Dominican Republic figure Be Live Hotels with six propertiesand Viajes Halcón, and other companies in the country.

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