Tourism January 26, 2016 | 12:25 pm

Flight brings Israeli tourists to Punta Cana starting Oct.

Santo Domingo.- The numberof Israeli tourists arriving in Dominican Republic will increase this year whena charter flight will bring 277 passengers from Tel Aviv to Punta Cana inOctober, as tour operators already work to achieve the goal for the new route.

Interviewed by DiarioLibre Dominican ambassador in Israel Alexander de la Rosa, said a directcharter flight will connect the two nations every 13 days at first, thenweekly.

The official said the TourismMinistry and the embassy began a campaign five years ago to familiarize Israeliswith the Dominican culture and tourism. "In fact we implemented a program wheretheir final work was to develop a tourism and culture technology web ofDominican Republic in all high schools."

De la Rosa said thecountry needs to rethink its economic model in an integrated manner, aimed at creatinginclusive policies that effectively impact the entire population and alsopositively impact formal employment.

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