Tourism February 4, 2016 | 9:58 am

UN report leaves iconic Dominican Ruins in ruins

Santo Domingo.- UNESCO has rejected the proposal to recoverthe Ruins of San Francisco sponsored by the Tourism Ministry, noting that theproject by architect Rafael Moneo converts the monument into a secondarycomponent, “which loses its preponderance against the proposal’s overwhelmingimpact.

It suggests developing a new project to consolidate the Ruins’proper use through interventions that don’t alter the 16th century structure.

In its report UNESCO said work is needed to complete thearchaeological and general research on the monument.

"The intangible elements that contribute to the site’sidentity and spirit need to be established and preserved, as they help todetermine the character of an area and its essence."

UNESCO had requested the report of the project’s feasibilityfrom the International Council on Monuments and Sites in July 2015, when a conflictemerged over the Ruins’ proposed intervention.

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