Tourism February 18, 2016 | 1:48 pm

US$300M tourism project starts in pristine Dominican Republic beach

Miches, Dominican Republic.- Groundbreaking for Tropicalia’stourism project began with the planting of a tree in Miches Thursday, includingthe construction of a Four Seasonshotel, at a cost of US$300 million in its first phase, located in northeastern ElSeibo province.

The facility is expected to create 1,800 direct jobs when itopens mid-2018.

President Danilo Medina headed the event together with CisnerosGroup president Gustavo Cisneros, attended by leaders of the tourism sector andTourism Ministry officials.

“The planting of a mahogany tree replaced the groundbreakingcarried in such acts, symbolizing the spirit of sustainability thatcharacterizes this complex in Miches, of El Seibo Province," Tropicaliasaid in a statement.

"Having this sustainable luxury hotel is part of ourreal estate development plan of low density and low environmental impact in thearea, the flagship of Cisneros Real Estate" said group vice president AdrianaCisneros.

"In Tropicalia we complement tourism and luxury realestate with respect for the ecosystem. With the integration of the community inthe value chain, together we create a different and competitive tourism modelthat can only be guaranteed under sustainability criteria."

"The Cisneros family has made Dominican Republic asecond home; so its proposal had to be special. Throughout this time, we haveinvested in the community of Miches and the environment knowing that they are what’smost important. We wanted to ensure planting firm roots to ensure thesustainability of that purpose that we are doing and what we are getting,"added Gustavo A. Cisneros.

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