Tourism February 29, 2016 | 1:04 pm

Until Dominican Republic fights corruption crime will continue: Giuliani

Santo Domingo.- Former New York City mayor RudolphGiuliani, who’s the security advisor for opposition candidate Luis Abinader’s presidentialcampaign, on Monday said until corruption is fought at the upper echelons ofpower, Dominican Republic’s crime won’t decrease.

Giuliani said there should be zero tolerance on government corruption,because that’s reflected in the actions of law enforcement.

He said the issue of security requires large investment butnoted that the money spent is quickly recovered, because safe cities attract moreforeign investment.

Abinader today presented the former New York mayor as hisadviser on security at the headquarters of the opposition Modern RevolutionaryParty

Giuliani said police wages must increase gradually andbased on on training.

He said Dominican Republic’s insecurity problem has alreadybeen faced in other countries in the region, such as Colombia and Puerto Rico,where he currently works, and knows the kind of criminal reality Dominicansface.

He said once his plans and recommendations are applied, thepeople who still feel they ??live in an unsafe city regain the confidence withinfour years.

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