Tourism April 12, 2016 | 4:28 pm

Environment promises clean beaches, permanently

Santo Domingo.- EnvironmentCoastal and Marine Resources deputy minister Idalia Acevedo on Tuesday said thePermanent Clean Beaches and Coasts Program will be strengthened nationwide topreserve coastal ecosystems and keep them in good condition for visitors.

She the initiative aims to raise awareness among citizenson the role they play to balance the planet.

“The staff of the of Environment and Natural Resources Ministryalong with the World Ecological Foundation and around 125 students of the APEC DistanceEducation Centers (CENAPEC) conducted a cleanup at the Fort San Gil beach, inthe National district where 492 bags of solid waste were collected of particularlynon-recyclable materials such as foam,” the official said.

She said also removed were bags with recyclables such asplastic bottles, and broken glass. ‘The importance of this dynamic isn’tlimited to special events such as World Beach Cleanup Day, but to raise theskill levels of people to understand that only by preserving in good naturalresources can these remain in time for the enjoyment of future generations.”

Acevedo urged the public and private sectors and civilsociety to participate and include beach cleanups in their of social responsibilityprograms, as well as reforestation plans to contribute to conserve water.

She said Environment also maintains a permanent monitoringprogram of coastal and marine beaches including planting of highly resilienceand adaptable, endemic and native trees.

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