Tourism April 20, 2016 | 10:19 am

Tourism leader hails investment as industry boom expands

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.- Hotels and Tourism Association(ASONAHORES) president Simon Suarez on Tuesday hailed investment ininfrastructure, new hotels, complementary offers and promotion within thecountry, which he affirms capitalize on the tourism’s global expansion.

Speaking to inaugurate the Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange(DATE) 2016, the most important local tourism marketing fair, Suarez urged thegovernment and the private sector to continue the trend.

He said construction of more than 7,000 rooms has begun inthe last 15 months, a 11% jump pf the lodging supply compared with the sameperiod by yearend December 2014.

He said investments are a key indicator of positive businessexpectations on the industry’s future, in the short and medium term.

“These are breathtaking figures,” Suarez said, "which noother Caribbean islands report and show the strength of the private sector andoptimism we see the future."

He said the Dominican hotel industry spent more than US$70million last year, just in promotion.


The ASONAHORES president stressed that recent developmentsand global tourism performance “confirms that our industry is in a period ofboom after the great global recession.”

"In the Dominican Republic, both its government, andprivate Dominican and foreign investors, we’re seizing the opportunities thatthis period of expansion of tourism offers."

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