Tourism April 28, 2016 | 7:59 am

More tourists who spend more: Dominican Central Bank

Santo Doming.- The dailyaverage spent by tourists who visited Dominican Republic by air grew 0.84% and 1.46%by sea in 2015,?? compared with 2014, says the Bank Central in its TourismStatistics 2015 report published this week, which reveals that foreign visitorsincreased spending despite less time spent in the country.

It says tourist average spending per day in 2015 climbedfrom US$128.49 to US$129.56 (0.84%), on an average stay of 8.32 nights, while thatof non-resident Dominicans rose 0.39% at an average of 14.96 nights, forspending an average of US$825.20 per stay, compared with the previous year.

In the case of resident Dominicans, average daily spending rose4.42%, or an average of US$879.32 in 11.68 nights.

Meanwhile spending by tourists arriving by sea (hikers,visitors who don’t spend nights in a collective or private accommodation)increased US$82.08 on average, whereas those who arrived through the ports climbd1.46% compared to 2014.

Cruise passengers who arrived via Santo Domingo port spentUS$74.40, or 12.83% more; US$89.74 through La Romana (0.88% less), and spent US$56.95via Samana (8.45% more).

The Central Bank’s report adds that a record 5,599,859 noresident Dominicans visited the country in 2015, or 458,482 more than in 2014.

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