Tourism May 18, 2016 | 8:14 am

Ten private planes arrive in NW for eco-adventures

Montecristi, Dominican Republic.- Ten airplanes which landedone after the other at the northwestern town’s airfield piqued the residents’ curiosity,and turned out to be a group of tourists who arrived in their own planes for eco-adventuretours hosted by a local hotel.

the El Morro Eco Adventure Hotel hosts to visitors withtheir planes which had taken off from Florida, making stops in the Bahamas,staying in the country during two days.

Hotel staff organized numerous activities for the visitors toenjoy a weekend with tours of Montecristi’s mangroves, a visit to the SieteHermanos keys, four-wheel treks on trails and beaches, organic banana plantations,among others.

The plane owners, who hail from Florida, Alabama, Georgia,Mississippi, among other states in southern US, said they had been more thanpleased with the area’s ecological richness and biodiversity as well as the manyactivities they enjoyed in just 48 hours.

It’s the pilot-tourists’ second visit to the Morro EcoAdventure Hotel, a 12-room boutique lodging.

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