Tourism May 24, 2016 | 8:00 am

Govt. adds 3,000 hectares to major national park

Pedernales, Dominican Republic.- Environment ministerBautista Rojas on Monday said that department bought 3,000 hectares to expand theSierra de Bahoruco National Park, an initiative he affirms aims to strengthenthe measures to implement the Pedernales Tourism Development Plan.

He said the Agricultural Bank was paid RD$16 million forthe land located near the source of the Mulito River, one of the few aquifersthat supplies water to Pedernales province. The land belonged to.

Accompanied by senior Environment officials, Rojas visitedthe site and said it has ??great biological diversity.

Rojas said Environment will immediately start to reforest,protect and ban all agriculture. "We’re facing one of the governmentactions which has the greatest impact on the development of the country’s Southregion. This measure will ensure water, vital to develop the tourism resourcesof Pedernales and surrounding areas."

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