Tourism May 31, 2016 | 9:59 am

Dominican South Region can develop on its own, but hurdles linger

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s South Region has whatit takes to launch its own socio-economic development and leave behind thestigma of poverty that has dogged it for centuries.

A productive land, mining, major rivers and a climate firfor tourism, the South produces a wide variety of crops, including in greenhouses.

“So the challenge is to look beyond and see these otherpossibilities and inherent value of its industrious people, hard pressed toforge onward,” reports outlet

The Southwest’s more than 1.6 million inhabitants want moregovernment and private investment to improve income.

“Often, dozens of women in rural and suburban South partnerto generate a small income that contribute to their families’ survival. They areminority groups which strive to push through small scale community projectsaimed at higher living standards, such as the Association of Women for Progressin La Bombita, whose impact has marked the life of their community, anddeserved funding six million pesos by the Special Fund for AgriculturalDevelopment (FEDA) and the watchful eye of international organizations.”

The outlet reports however that despite the successfulproduction of tilapias in La Bombita, unidentified poachers have sabotaged theproject twice, prompting authorities to investigate the death of thousands offish in their tanks.

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