Tourism June 9, 2016 | 11:47 am

More cops, security cams on Colonial Zone’s sharp rise in visitors

Santo Domingo.- The Tourism police (CESTUR) Thursday said theColonial Zone has 123 security cameras and specialized agents working round-the-clockto prevent crimes and ensure the safety of the local and foreign visitors.

CESTUR said it work jointly with the Tourism and Justiceministries, neighborhood boards and local business leaders, to reorganize theColonial City to make it safer including security cameras, in addition to otherprograms to be announced once completed.

The efforts are in response to the sharp increase in thearrival of cruise ship visitors, said spokesman Ramon Brito. "CESTUR countson security like never before, along with a camera control room to monitor surveillanceoperations linked to the 911 emergency system, it provides an immediate responsesto any eventuality."

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