Tourism June 16, 2016 | 10:14 am

Talks aim to launch tourism in pristine Dominican province

Santo Domingo.- Government agencies and the UN’s EconomicCommission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) on Wednesday held aroundtable on strategies to bolster rural tourism’s value chain in Pedernales(southwest)

The initiative, which forms part of the effort to achieve theintegral participation of the province, gest funding from the InternationalFund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). It promotes tourism chain’s sustainabledevelopment in that province and the south region.

ECLAC’s sub-regional headquarters in Mexico has analyzedthe sector’s various connections and the main hurdles faced by the actors linkedto its development.

In a statement, the Industry and Commerce Ministry said theanalysis has been built in a participatory manner, “hand in hand with thevarious public and private actors involved in the chain.”

It said talks were held in Pedernales province and in SantoDomingo, sparked by the actors’ various strategies which should be implementedto promote Pedernales’ tourism.

“The actions are part of the Pedernales Province TourismPlan proposed by the Government, to produce profound changes in the economiccharacteristic of the south region, while respecting the area’s ecosystem andbiodiversity," Industry and Commerce said.

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