Tourism July 18, 2016 | 11:03 am

Beach access bill will create confusion legal limbo, hoteliers warn

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic Hotels and Tourism Association(ASONAHORES) on Sunday said the bill aimed at regulating access to the beachesis "inconsistent with the current law," which far from proposing realisticrules that adhere to the country’s geographic reality, “its approval willcreate confusion and legal limbo, which would hurt the country’s development.”

It said they’re not opposed to regulating individuals’ accessto the beaches, but note that the legislation should be realistic with rulesconsistent with the existing legal framework that promotes development.

“The beaches are a heritage of society, vital for theexistence of tourism which is a activity of strategic value, so its use andcare should be considered a matter of high national interest, and therefore theregulations should be carefully designed considering the need to preserve andanticipating negative consequences for the national interest," ASONAHORES saidin a statement.

It said the bill before the Senate contradicts Articles of the Constitution, the Civil Codeand disregards provisions of the Land Registry Law, newly formulated oneasements which obliges one property to provide access to a neighboringproperty and in this case the coast, rivers, beaches and lakes.

“The bill also contradicts the land use zoning plans and theexecutive orders approving the use of the coastal strip, and lacks technicalspecifications that provide clear and implementable solutions to problems suchas indiscriminate and unregulated boats, pollution and widespread disorderaffecting beaches, rivers and lakes.”

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