Tourism August 5, 2016 | 7:32 am

Investments imminent at Dominican Republic’s exotic Southwest

Pedernales, Dominican Republic.- At least 14 investment projectsawait the government’s green light to start construction in Pedernales (southwest),which boasts several small hotels and restaurants, including one in Las Cuevas deCabo Rojo, the entry point to Bahia de las Aguilas and other offers.

Quoted by, Pedernales Tourism Cluster vicepresident Cruz Adan Heredia said the investments would be along the coast fromthe town to Cabo Rojo.

The investments mean good news for a province that has struggledto launch its fledgling tourism despite unrivaled attractions including Bahiade Las Aguilas, Sierra de Bahoruco National Park and Beata and Alto Veloislands.

"Pedernales is immersed in a very serious problem suchas the lack of jobs, but thank God people are interested in coming to know whatthe South is, which has plenty to offer the visitor and there are people whoare willing to continue wagering on this," says Santiago Rodriguez who ownsthe seafront restaurant Rancho Tipico Cueva de Las Aguilas.

"There are a number of facilities that aren’t here andshould be. If we want tourism then we need to provide facilities. The first isto build roads. You see how it is to come here to Las Cuevas, for failing tofix five miserable kilometers of road," he says.

"The other thing is that you sit here in Las Cuevasand want to have internet, but it’s not possible. I’ve always said that if we don’thave tourism and communication, then we have nothing at all. Here you see phonecompanies making announcements and fanfare, when in fact we have no coverage,"Rodriguez said.

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