Tourism September 14, 2016 | 8:36 am

Aug. tourist arrivals top 502,300, a 7.8% jump: Central Bank

Santo Domingo.- The arrival of non-resident visitors toDominican Republic by air in August topped 502,300, or 36,514 more than the samemonth last year, for a 7.8% jump, according to the latest figures by the CentralBank.

The figures also show an inter-annual increase of 8.1% inthe arrival of non-resident foreigners, or 32,265 additional tourists.

Moreover, the Central Bank forecasts robust tourism revenueby yearend 2016, and notes that for 94% of the foreigners, recreation was the mainreason to visit. “The analysis results from the profile of tourists who enteredthe country during the January-August 2016 period.”

“Regarding the age of visitors, 55.6% is between the rangeof 21 to 49 years, while in relation to gender, 50.0% are male and 50.0%female.”

The arrival of non-resident foreigners to the country inAugust by region of origin shows that 53.9% of visitors arrived from NorthAmerica, 25.5% from Europe, 14.2% from South America, 6.2% from Central Americaand the Caribbean and the remaining 0.2% from Asia and the rest of the world.

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