Tourism September 21, 2016 | 12:31 pm

To develop Samana’s tourism, more Govt. funding is needed

Samana, Dominican Republic.- Samaná’s Tourism Cluster andthe Samaná Hotels and Tourism Companies Association (AHETSA) will host the thirdMeeting for Samana’s Tourism Development, to be held September 29 in PuertoBahia, Samana.

"This year’s event is titled Samana Advances Toward aHalf a million Tourists in 2020, thusly setting the goal to be achieved,according to the State’s nationwide strategy,” said cluster president and AHETSAboard member Juan Francisco Bancalari, in a report by

He said exhibitors of national and international prestige willparticipate in the event, presenting strategies that have proven successful inother tourism destinations that can be applied in Samaná.


As keynote speaker Punta Group CEO Frank Ranieri willaddress Strategies for Developing a Successful Destination. "Samana hasthe attributes necessary to be among the Caribbean’s top destinations, but morepublic investment is required to accelerate private investment.”

The program also features the experts Rafael Torres,president of Casa de Campo, and Jeffrey Rannik, president of the shippers NavieraBaez and Rannik, who aim to show how to develop successful tourism destinations,Bancalari said.

The event includes a panel to show participant the various approaches,the strategies to achieve a common vision on tourism development in theprovince. "It’s the most important tourist event to be held in Samaná,where more than 200 guests participate, representing all sectors with an impacton the tourism activity," the AHETSA executive said.

"All thisdepends on the public-private and social effectiveness, crucial to successfullyachieve Samana’s national and international positioning, in a

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