Tourism October 26, 2016 | 4:04 pm

Pawa Miami-Santo Domingo flights start Nov. 16

Miami.- The airline Pawa Dominicana on Wednesdayannounced a new Miami-Santo Domingo air route starting Nov. 16, on which alltravelers can "enjoy a truly gastronomic gourmet experience," reports.

After 20 years without regular flights by aDominican carrier to the United States, Pawa Dominicana is poised to start twoflights per day seven days a week.

Flights will depart Miami International at 5:15am(09-15 GMT) and 2:30pm (18-30 GMT) and arrive at Las Americas International at 10am(GMT 14-00) and 6:15pm (22-15 GMT).

Pawa’s itineraries allow fast connections todestinations such as Curacao, St. Maarten, Antigua, Port-au- Principe, Aruba,Puerto Rico and Havana, said CEO Luis Ramirez at a press conference. "Wechose Miami because it has the second largest concentration of Dominicans inthe United States, after New York."

He said more than 175,000 Dominicans live inSouth Florida, adding that "it’s a new business door for air freight transport."

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