Tourism October 27, 2016 | 4:12 pm

Movement demands protection for menaced highland enclave

Santo Domingo.- The Movement Save the TireoRiver on Thursday stated support for Environmentminister Francisco Dominguez’s actionsto rescue the scientific reserve Omar Rancier (Valle Nuevo) and other highlandenclaves near Constanza, menaced by illegal farming, tree poachers andsquatters.

The members of the movement composed ofstudents and native professionals from Tireo township were received by Dominguez and demanded equal protection of theTireo region, whose rivers that supply water to the Pinalito Dam and Bonao Valley,are under threat of drying up.

"We support the process of protecting ValleNuevo, all Constanza and regions of the country that require immediateintervention so that human activities are developed in compliance withenvironmental sustainability and the law," said movement’s representativesin a document handed Dominguez.

Among the Tireo and Constanza nativeprofessionals who delivered the document figure Yoelvis Lagares Duran, JoseEduardo Martinez, Panky Corcino, Junior Paez Ortiz, Juan Carlos Tiburcio, TomasGuerra and Rafael Paez.

Dominguez thanked the environmentalists for theirsupport to preserve the habitat of all Dominicans, especially for futuregenerations.

He urged the Movement remain vigilant and upholdtheir commitment to work, "as everyone should because if the Tireo river disappears,so will the valley production and as a habitable site will also end."

The official said he will support the movementand asked them to establish direct contact with Environment’s technicalcommittee that prepared the Tireo rescue plan.

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