Tourism November 8, 2016 | 12:32 pm

Dominican Northeast’s forests in critical condition

Salcedo, Dominican Republic.- The northeast region’sforests are in critical condition and need strong work not only by the government,but also by the organizations that work to preserve and improve their environmentand natural resources.

Loma Quita Espuela Reserve administrator EnriqueFabián said of the northeastern provinces Duarte, Mirabal, Sanchez Ramírez,María Trinidad Sánchez and Samaná, only the former has improved in the lastyears a, thanks to the work by environmental groups and the Reserve.

He said there are 12 crews in Duarte provincewhich plant around 800,000 seedlings of several varieties year-round, whichalso increases the capacity of the watersheds in the mountains, especially LomaQuita Espuela.

Fabian said the Reserve is the source of 64 rivers,streams and creeks, which through efforts benefit the areas with its waters,specially the city of Nagua.

He regrets however, that the same cannot be saidof the other Northeast provinces, "because the degree of deforestation isquite notorious."

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