Tourism November 14, 2016 | 8:15 am

Government has US$100.0M to fix damaged beaches

Santo Domingo.- The country’s main beaches areso deteriorated that if not attended to, will significantly affect the tourism offer,for which the Government has US$100.0 million to deal with the threat.

Outlet reports that the governmenthas to take action "to preserve and / or improve its natural conditionsthat give it the tourist attraction, which would allow maintaining the level ofcompetitiveness in the supply of sun and beach."

That’s the reason why the Tourism Ministrycalled a tender to recover 13 beaches: Juan de Bolaños- Costa Verde and ElMorro in Monte Cristi; Cofresi in Puerto Plata; Playa Bonita, Punta Popy,Ballena and Cosón in Samaná; Cabeza de Toro, Macao, Arena Gorda – Cortecito andBayahíbe in La Altagracia; Juan Dolio in San Pedro, and Boca Chica and Andrésin Santo Domingo.

Among the most common threats figure erosion,waste water and solid waste pollution, illegal constructions along the 60-meterswath of public domain, and the destruction of dunes from intensive use.

Privatization by locked out beaches andcoastal areas, consruction of marinas and boating areas in inappropriateplaces, destruction of coastal vegetation, constructions that interfere withcoastal transport and marine dynamics, among others.

Each beach was analyzed by the ConsortiumEuroconsult Atteco, which was hired urgently for the survey last March.

"If we don’t take the necessary measuresfor the comprehensive recovery of beach systems, we could not guarantee theenvironmental sustainability and security of foreign investment in our sun andbeach tourism, this situation could cause the collapse of the national tourismindustry," Tourism said in the project documents.

To regenerate the beaches, the Government hasfinancing of US$100.0 million and a call for international tenders that closeson Wed., Nov. 16.

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