Tourism November 30, 2016 | 9:31 am

Ecotourism & Production Fair starts in Haiti town Saturday

Santo Domingo.- The 7th annual BinationalEcotourism and Production Fair will be inaugurated Saturday at Bwa Kabrit, LaPiste, in the Haiti town Las Caobas, 28km from the Dominican border town Comendador,western Elías Piña province.

In a statement, Dominican ambassador andevent coordinator José Serulle Ramia said Haiti president Jocelerme Privert hadaccepted to preside over the activity and has been a driving force in securing Port-au-Prince’ssupport.

"The Science and Art Foundation and theDominican Red Cross have been the driving force in this song to nurture humandevelopment and solidarity of the peoples," Serulle said, adding that Dominicanentities public and private, and international, and especially the localgovernments support the continuous effort throughout 20 years.

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