Tourism September 30, 2016 | 4:39 pm

Carriers scrub all Dominican Republic-Caribbean flights

Santo Domingo,- All flights between Dominican Republic,Haiti, Aruba, Curacao and St. Martin, were suspended on Friday due to theeffects that experts say would cause Hurricane Matthew as it passes south of thenational territory and the coast of Venezuela.

Moreover the Airports Department called the owners of smallaircraft parked at the various airports and airfields, to take measures to preventdamages resulting from the strong winds which experts predict from thehurricane.

Pawa Dominicana airlines canceled flights 700, 701, 704 and705 from Curacao and Aruba, while Insel Airlines suspended flights 521 and 522to and from the Dominican Republic and St. Martin, as a precaution to Matthew’sexpected effects.

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