Tourism March 15, 2017 | 11:48 am

Anticorruption flame spreads across Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.-  People who take part in the nationwide pilgrimage Green Flame for the End of Impunity on Tuesday invited the inhabitants of Greater Santo Domingo and surrounding provinces to form part of the cultural closing ceremony next Sunday at Independencia park.

The organizers and activists from the various provinces and communities will demand the end of the regime of corruption and impunity in the Dominican Republic.

“Let us go out to meet the green flame in each village, raising a lit candle, a lamp, a torch or any other type of fire. And this coming Sunday we’ll light the Dominican capital with our civic determination to free ourselves from the regime of corruption and impunity that oppresses us,” the group said in a statement after the flame was received in La Vega, Moca (north), El Seibo (east) and Azua (south).

In the rally at Independencia park will participate popular Dominican artists who’ve joined the national movement against corruption and impunity. It will also serve as a stage for representatives of the various regions to state the effects of corruption and impunity in their provinces, and the demands for change.

The group urged the population to follow up and share the details of the Green Flame from the social networking accounts @CeroImpunidadRD on Twitter and Facebook.

Today Wednesday, the Green Flame will pass through Hato Mayor, in the east, Peravia (south), and Bonao (central).

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