Tourism March 27, 2017 | 7:38 pm

Germany will help boost Dominican Republic’s ecotourism

S. Bloch. Photo

Santo Domingo.- German ambassador Sabine Bloch on Monday said her country will help promote Dominican ecotourism and share its experiences in the sector.

“Germany is ready to share its experiences with the Dominican Republic in ecotourism and mountain tourism,” the diplomat said in a statement by the Science and Art Foundation.

Mountain tourism and hiking is in full swing and with excellent results in Germany and the rest of Europe, said Bloch, who noted how that type of tourism led to the economic recover the Alpine region. “In 2015, lodges of Germany’s Alpine Association were already accommodating 870,000 guests.”

“Not only are local jobs created, but traditional professions such as that of the mountain peasants are maintained through tourism, which is a new source of income,” Bloch said.

With 250,000 tourists German tourism is third in importance for Dominican Republic by number of visitors.

And although the vast majority comes to enjoy the beaches, many come for things to discover in the interior of the country for ecological tourists, Boch said.

“The Dominican Republic, which is already very successfully represented with classic offers for beach vacations, could present new offers on eco-tourism in the future. I hope that together we can build bridges and establish lasting contacts between agencies and ecological tourism organizations in Germany and companies and communities.”

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