Tourism March 30, 2017 | 1:36 pm

Barahona fair stresses sustainable tourism, spectacular sites

Casa Bonita

Barahona, Dominican Republic.- Barahona’s first tourism fair has served not only to highlight “The Pearl of the South’s” known potential as the main enclave for the Southwest’s economic development, but also to show the firm willingness of its various economic, social and institutional actors to articulate a sustainable tourism development strategy.

The event ‘Discover Barahona Tourism and Production Fair: Towards Sustainable Development’ was hosted by the Barahona Tourism and Productive Cluster, headed by business leader Virgilio Pérez Bernal.

“The event fulfilled to a large extent expectation of promoting business opportunities to support agricultural production and projects in the region, which includes an inventory of 40 hotels, 15 in the city of Barahona, 21 in the spectacular coastal area that leads to Pedernales and 4 in the village of Polo, said Perez Bernal.

“Some of the hotels in Barahona are accredited nternationally for the quality of its services and for the improvements that have been introducing to its facilities, among them Casa Bonita, Guarocuya, Playa Azul, Quemaíto, Pontevedra, Casa Del Mar and Rancho Plato,” the business leader said in an emailed statement.

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