Tourism May 8, 2017 | 8:35 pm

Once-farmed Valle Nuevo National Park starts to recover its forests

Santo Domingo.- The Environment Ministry on Monday said it has started to recover the forest in areas which had been illegally farmed in Valle Nuevo, where it’s planting 10,000 Hispaniola pines, green ebony and other varieties that had been razed by squatters.

“Over time biodiversity and spontaneous regeneration will complete the process of recovery of the natural forest cover of the area,” the agency said.

It said Environment rangers continue to dismantle pipes that had “sequestered the waters,” adding that of the volume of the rivers flowing through their mountains has improved. “These actions have been possible thanks to the full support of the Defense Ministry.”

“All infrastructures and water distribution network located within the boundaries of Valle Nuevo National Park are under the absolute control of the Environment and Natural Resources Ministry,” states Resolution 14-2016.

In a statement, Environment adds that the planting in selected areas to recover Valle Nuevo National Park advances, while other environmentally fragile areas will be left up to Nature to regenerate and avert altering their valuable ecosystems.

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