Tourism July 10, 2018 | 2:54 pm

Push to turn Boca Chica Port into cruise terminal gathers steam

Boca Chica, Dominican Republic.- The movements at Port Andrés, Boca Chica, are very limited with just two freighters docking three times a month, fueling the people’s interest to turn it into a cruise terminal.

Port administrator Anibal Rosario agrees with the “great” rapprochement to the Government by City Hall, hoteliers, merchants and community groups which want Port Andres, built over 60 years ago, converted and renovated to receive cruise visitors.

“This pier is practically destroyed, because we are only receiving two ships every 10 days, …so we fully agree with this initiative of businessmen and municipal authorities,” said Rosario.

He noted that the dock has all the necessary structures, so in his view the Government would only have to prepare it to receive cruise ships. “Boca Chica also has all the necessary conditions for foreign visitors arriving in the Dominican Republic from different destinations.”

“The Dominican Port Authority is completely in agreement and identified with this important project,” the official told journalists during a tour of the facilities.

The conversion project is being touted by Boca Chica mayor, Radhamés Castro, Micro-businesses Union president, Enrique Féliz and hoteliers.

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