Tourism July 16, 2018 | 8:47 pm

The country received 3.4M tourists to June, a 6.1% jump

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic received 3.4 million tourists from January to June, a 6.1% jump, according to Central Bank figures.

The Bank’s website says including residents and non-residents, 3.7 million arrived passengers by air from January to June, a 5, 6% jump compared to the same period of 2017.

The figures show that 61.3% of the visitors arrived from North America, followed by Europe (22.5%), South America (12.5%), Central America and the Caribbean (3.4%) and Asia and the rest of the world (0.3%).

The number of visitors from North America rose 7.8%, with 94,476 additional tourists from the United States, 37,598 from Canada and 1,547 more from Mexico.

The Central Bank also notes a 13.3% climb in the number of tourists from South America, paced by Argentina (33,362), Brazil (17,801), Chile (5,219), among others.

Europe, however, posted a cumulative decrease of 16,375 passengers (-2.4%).

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