Tourism September 7, 2018 | 1:34 pm

Biggest Dominican bank gets kudos for health tourism

Santo Domingo.- The Banco Popular Dominicano was recognized for its financial support to develop Dominican Republic’s health tourism, as part of the inaugural of its 4th International Health Tourism Congress, hosted by the Dominican Health Tourism Association (ADTS).

Business and Investment Business executive vice president Juan Lehoux received the award on behalf of the Popular.

“It’s a new step in the firm path we have been following for decades,” Lehoux said, noting that Popular is the tourism industry’s major funder.

“The ADTS’ recognition reaffirms Popular’s leadership in support of the tourism sector and, in particular, the consolidation of the business model of the tourism of greeting, by assessing the accompaniment of the banking entity and its actions to promote investment and sustainable development in this area of ​​activity,” the Association said in a statement.

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