Tourism January 2, 2019 | 7:34 am

Acapulco without people in off-season

The crystal-clear pristine waters of the Acapulco River

If you have not gone, at least you have heard that it is one of the most visited spas in La Vega. There’s an elusive beauty known only by those who serve the tilapias and rice and beans under thatched huts; that the pools that form along the Jagüey River are not as short as they seem, that the water is so transparent and clean that they confuse anyone.

And evidently, they have spoken fondly about the crowds of people who visit the area, to the point that many of them return to gather at the entrance.

But if you go at this time of year, you will find it at noon like this: quiet, calm, a study in green, perfect for lonely souls who can not stand the clamor.

Acapulco in the off-season is a gift for the senses. The cold water only shocks at first, then: rewards increasingly refreshing dips!

Getting there. From Santo Domingo, take the Duarte highway and turn left at the Los Algarrobos junction, where the famous lechoneras are located. The local road that leads to the skirt of the Miranda hill will take you directly to the spa. Take advantage of the occasion – because you have to pay the entrance fee anyway – and ask the administrators to be more vigilant about the pollution and litter generated by the spa.

The extensive spa has green areas for picnics, small arbors for lunch and parking.

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