Tourism February 22, 2019 | 7:57 am

Dominican Republic gets a high-end US$1.0B+ golf resort

Andre Boersma, Danilo Medina, Robin S. Bernstein

San Juan, Dominican Republic.- US ambassador Robin S. Bernstein, said Thurs. that the Dominican Republic not only shares the same values ​​and good practices of fair and equal treatment with investors, but has the advantage of having a Free Trade Agreement that places the country in a privileged position.

She stressed that the Dominican government has been an important ally in consolidating foreign investment.

The diplomat spoke at ribbon cutting for the high-end tourism project Playa Grande Golf & Ocean Club, headed by president Danilo Medina.

The Arizona-based Discovery Land Company and its partner Third Point LLC developed the real estate tourism project on ​​10 million square meters at a cost of over US$1.0 billion

Vice president of operations and general manager, Andre Boersma, stressed that their presence in the country results from Dominican Republic’s stability, openness and, above all, people.

“With a total investment of more than one billion dollars, our will is strong: to achieve the successful development of the country’s highest standard of tourism tourist community, a challenge that will undoubtedly contribute to the diversification of tourism in the Dominican Republic.”

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