Tourism May 1, 2019 | 10:53 am

Official says flow of Chinese tourists jumps +30%

Santo Domingo.- China last year certified the country as an tourist destination, which allows Chinese travel agencies to operate in the Dominican Republic, whose Government has stressed it as one of several achievements.

It’s also part of the progress of bilateral relations with the Asian giant, the first year of diplomatic relations.

In January potential Chinese investors, agencies and journalists came to the Dominican Republic looking to increase the flow of Chinese tourists, jumping so far at more than 30%, said Presidency official Juan Ariel Jiménez.

The economic superpower which mobilized more than 740 million visitors internally just in 2012, may become a major source of tourists, provided that agreements are reached to improve road, air and marine infrastructure that improve mobility to areas that offer ecotourism, adventure, history and gastronomy to a population that exceeds 1.39 billion inhabitants.

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