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Ambassador of the United States in the DR qualifies CESTUR as a very professional security agency in the work it performs

Ambassador of the United States of America in the Dominican Republic, Robin S. Bernstein

Santo Domingo, RD.- The Ambassador of the United States of America in the Dominican Republic, Robin S. Bernstein, made a courtesy visit to the General Director of the Specialized Body of Tourist Security (CESTUR), Brigadier General Juan Carlos Torres Robiou, and qualifies this security agency as very professional in the work it does.


Bernstein was accompanied by a delegation of diplomats from that embassy, ​​including the Acting Consul General Willian Swaney, to exchange views and learn more about how security work is developed for tourists and see how that institution works for the benefit of visiting tourists. the country, specifically the Americans.

The visit was described as beneficial and timely by the director of CESTUR since it will serve to strengthen the bonds of collaboration and joint coordination that has always existed between the Embassy and this institution of assistance, prevention, and security to the citizens of the many countries which comprise the tourists who visit us.

For its part, the US Embassy works actively with the Government of the Dominican Republic and the private sector to ensure that American citizens are and feel safe when they are in the country. “The safety and protection of American citizens abroad is our top priority,” said Ambassador Bernstein.

“The Dominican Republic and the United States of America have a solid history of cooperation in these matters, as demonstrated through our assistance with the implementation of the 9-1-1 National Emergency and Security Assistance System and collaboration in security matters,” the diplomat indicated.

She further expressed that they appreciate the support and professionalism of the Specialized Body of Tourist Security (CESTUR) and the Dominican Government in working with the Government of the United States on the problems faced by US citizens.

During the meeting, the highest representative of American diplomacy in the country shared for an hour with her delegation and the members of the Plana Mayor of CESTUR.

The presentation and exhibition of the work of this governing body of the national tourism security was dictated by the paratrooper colonel Carlos A. Lantigua Cruz FARD, which consisted of the screening of several videos, among them the rescue project for children, girls and adolescents who roam the tourist areas, as well as the application of the APP CESTUR, showing satisfaction on the part of the delegation.

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