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Big Dominican tourism projects announced in Paris

Paris.- After the third day of the IFTM / Top Resa 2019 tourism fair, the Dominican Republic achieves a good average participation with the announcement of new investments with the construction of four new hotels in the east region; Bayahibe, Miches and Punta Cana and another in Puerto Plata.

Mercedes Castillo, director of the Office of Tourism Promotion in Paris, , revealed that after several meetings with 10 tour operators and travel agencies she can give the good news of the opening on November 23 of Club Med, in Miches, a hotel that will be “like four hotels in one” because it will present four different ambiances to the tourist: tranquility, family, ultra luxury and general service, in which nature prevails.

This hotel has a lagoon that borders the property and shows that the paradigm is changing and the way tourists travel to the Caribbean, she said. They plan a training program in November and an inaugural trip for the press in January 2020.

Another tour operator, OVoyages, who have sent 6,000 French to the country also announced a new club of its own, O Miranda, and a hotel in Bayahibe, with a two-story infrastructure and 80 apartments with the all-inclusive service. This agency is also waiting for new flights to open a new hotel in Punta Cana.

FTI Voyages, a major operator in Germany, who has already been working in the Dominican Republic for four years, plans to open two new hotels in Bayahibe, one Premium and one for families, Castillo said, noting the great demand the Santo Domingo destination is having.

The NG Travel Group, which plans to buy the agencies of Thomas Cook France and become the first tour operator for the destination, has six Kappa Club hotels in Samana, Punta Cana and Bayahibe and plans to open another one in Puerto Plata. In the Kappa Club the tourist has to interact with the community such as breakfast, lunch or dinner in the homes of the Dominicans or spend a day with artisans in workshops. NG Travel, Castillo said, expects a new flight to also open a new club in Puerto Plata, which responds to the philosophy of its business.

Castillo offered the details of the 15 meetings with tour operators, at a press conference breakfast, chaired by the Vice Minister of Tourism Fausto Fernández, who said that when a Frenchman thinks of choosing a long distance destination in the first thing he thinks is in the Dominican Republic, country that remains in the top place in tourism.


Karaver-Promovacances-Fram, who is the first tour operator for the destination with two Framisima clubs in Puntacana announced the opening of a club in Bayahibe and plans to return to Puerto Plata in 2020 if a flight to that destination is confirmed. It has two clubs in Punta Cana.

Similarly, Very Chic, which is the second in online sales for the French destination, is a platform interested in developing a promotion program with tourist offices and proposes to send 6,000 French, as package sales for five star hotels or in boutique hotels.

Exotismes, which is the first tour operator for the French West Indies, announced a 15% sales growth and proposes for next year to perform “The Golden Route” in Punta Cana, which is a sales game at the destination where three finalists win gold bars.

Castillo also said that the Amazon Network will head a women’s race with the participation of 350 women who will travel to the Republic to compete for nine days in different sports and in different parts of the country. In November, he said, the organizer of the race will travel to the Dominican Republic to end the competition. He said it is the second time it has been done in the country.

The IFTM / Top Resa 2019 takes place from 1 to 4 this month in Hall 1 of the Versailles Gate, with the participation of representatives from the five continents and the attendance of more than 35,000 visitors.

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